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The G.I. Go Fund
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One of the most painful realities in
this country is that so many of our
nation’s heroes spend their nights
sleeping at train stations and under
bridges. According to the latest
statistics, veterans account for 23%
of the homeless population. In all,
the Department of Veterans Affairs
reports that over 200,000 veterans
could be homeless at any given

The statistics show that 76% of the
homeless veteran population
experience alcohol, drug, or mental
health problems, including PTSD.
And the statistics show that these
problems emerged after the service.
Almost 90% of these veterans
received honorable discharges from
the military, and 85% have a high
school diploma or GED, compared
to 56% for non-veterans.

We have identified that the 21st
century approach to reach our
homeless veterans is to provide them services where they eat,stay and sleep. This is usually
deep in the bowels of train stations, under bridges and in tunnels, many times in the middle of
the night. The  "Midnight Missions" that our volunteers embark on are often dangerous but are
the only way to reach these veterans who are most at risk of dying on the streets.
The danger we face does not compare to the danger they have faced on foreign lands
defending our nation's freedoms, and we are commited to ensure that we end ALL
homelessness among our veterans. We live by the moto, "They fought to defend our streets not
live on them!"

To help us continue our Midnight Missions across the country, please donate today.