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The G.I. Go Fund
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One of the most painful realities in this country is that so many of our nation’s
heroes spend their nights sleeping at train stations and under bridges.
According to the latest statistics, veterans account for 23% of the homeless
population. In all, the Department of Veterans Affairs reports that over 200,000
veterans could be homeless at any given night.

The statistics show that 76% of the homeless veteran population experience
alcohol, drug, or mental health problems, including PTSD. And the statistics
show that these problems emerged after the service. Almost 90% of these
veterans received honorable discharges from the military, and 85% have a
high school diploma or GED, compared to 56% for non-veterans.

GI Go Fund works to play a critical role in ending homelessness among
veterans through strong outreach efforts like the Stand Down for Homeless
Veterans and the Midnight Outreach event, where Newark’s most at-risk
homeless veterans are provided essential services, food, clothing, and access
to housing.

The organization also works to provide direct support to homeless and at-risk
veterans, including providing gift cards to families in need during the holiday
season. Lastly, for veterans who are in need of direct housing support, GI Go
Fund has partnered with SoldierOn, a leading organization in the fight against
homelessness, to provide direct grant support to veterans looking to find a
home for them and their loved ones.
Our work  with homeless veterans on ABC's Secret Millionaire