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The G.I. Go Fund
Employment Assistance
One of the keys to a successful transition is securing employment. As Veterans are
returning home from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, they face unemployment at a
rate that far exceeds their civilian counterparts. When a soldier separates from the
military and can not make ends meet, this creates a very troubled and stressful
environment. In addition to the financial tensions, this can lead to other problems
such as strain on relationships, inability to live a normal life, lack of self worth,
feeling abandoned by the country, and many even more disastrous situations like
homelessness or a drug or alcohol dependency.

Due to the severity of the unemployment situation for Veterans of Operation Iraqi
Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, we work everyday to help our Post
9/11 veterans secure long-term employment so they can provide for their loved
ones. We provide a number of services aimed at helping unemployed veterans find
Career Fairs

Our organization is a leader in providing quality career fairs for veterans. Each year, the
GI Go Fund hosts numerous career fairs throughout the region, providing veterans
direct access to dozens of employers looking to hire the most highly skilled and
well-disciplined men and women to work for their company. Our signature event, the
Newark Veterans Job and GI Bill Fair, includes nearly 100 vendors from New Jersey and
the entire tri-state region meeting with veterans in a direct setting that gives veterans the
chance to meet face to face with employers and show how they would be a great fit in
their company.

Job Placement Assistance

The GI Go Fund assists veterans with their job-placement needs. Whether it is guidance
in resume writing, skills evaluations so they know what job is the best fit, or providing
information on potential job openings, our staff is ready to help.
Education Assistance
Many Veterans enlisted in the military knowing full well that they will be attending college
or other forms of education after completing their military service.  As a nation, and as
grateful citizens, it is our duty to ensure all our Veterans who want to further their
education get the opportunity to do so.  

The Post 9/11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill, are two of the greatest pieces of
legislation passed in the United States of America.  Through these laws, our country
invested in our most honorable Americans and the future of this whole nation by funding
the higher education of our Veterans.  Veterans now have the opportunity to earn a
degree in any field that they wish to study in, acquiring the knowledge and skills they
need to obtain the career of their dreams.

As an organization, we encourage our veterans to use their education benefits. However,
for many soldiers, the process of pursuing higher education or using their military
education benefits, can be extremely confusing and discouraging.  We believe this is
unacceptable and aim to assist our Veterans in education enrollment. Learn more at
Where Veterans Go Forward